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#30800 - As he got up and started to leave and the one fucking my face took his place behind me we all heard someone ask if they could make a suggestion to make things easier and I immediately recognized the voice as the owners son so me and Jane started stuttering out excuses and he said it wasn’t necessary as he suggested we use a table of some sort so the guys didn’t have to constantly kneel and get up so they didn’t hurt their knees and with that he left and came back with a small table that stood about waist high and was about 3 foot squared on top and a couple of pieces of nylon rope. Now that he felt I was properly restrained he told the guy that was just about to fuck me to go to town on my faggot ass and show me how a real man fucks a hole as he stepped over by my head and told me to lay my head back and open wide as he pulled his cock out and shoved it straight down my throat and bent over and grabbed my sides and started fucking my throat as the trucker fucked my ass.

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