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#89176 - “He wants to speak with me about … Something” Harry said, deciding not to tell them about his changes, although Hermione’s hug had caused his manhood to stir slightly, he changed the subject to quidditch and Ron was off, talking about the different teams and so on. Harry’s hands raised up and held onto her waist, he slid one up her side and brushed against her breast, Hermione breathed out heavily and her pace increased, Harry took this as permission and he caressed her breast through her shirt, it was soft and he felt her nipple hard in his palm, he rolled it slightly in his fingers and her hand squeezed harder on his cock. Your stamina is only increased if you keep orgasming daily, James did it at least seven times a day, he did do it less sometimes but he usually had to make up for it the next day, you will also become stronger, perhaps two or three times as strong as an average man.

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