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#328023 - Jayne almost cried out, but in her heart she knew this was what she needed sheer unadulterated raw sex, with a stranger she need never see again, need never see at all. It buzzed seductively, so she relaxed and sprawled in her arm chair and slid the tingling silver cylinder deep inside her as she tried to imagine Henry making love to her but instead she kept hearing that mid atlantic accent of John with an h, and remembered the way he claimed her and oh god, paid for the privillege, it wasn't hard to imagine it was his manhood and not a plastic toy buzzing within her, and the feeling of well being spread quickly through her as she eased the toy gently around inside her. Jayne hung her smart jacket on a chair back and then hung her dress on the hanger and slipped her jacket on top of it, she turned round to see Miss Cathcart holding a brown leather dog collar, and some velcro handcuffs.

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