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#392460 - alrite said izzy smiling my parents work late on tues days and it's getting close to lunch so we should get going so people don't see izzy said but rite then there was a camera flash and one of the gr 8s were standing there with a nasty look on his face so he said I wonder what your willing to do to get this back in a flash donald stood up and craved the kids camera phone crushing it in one hand and rapped one hand around the kids neck how bout Donald said angrily with his Russian accent (Donald was born in Russia) I break neck and leave you in the shack there to rot the gr 8 looked as if he had shit himself NO he said then you've seen nothing correct Donald said rite the kid said Donald then put him down and gave him some money for a new phone as he turned he noticed the girls had gotten dressed although they were still leaking cum as Donald pulled his pants on the kid left and Haley and izzy rapped them selfs around Donald's arms come lets go he

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Very hot
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