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#406887 - At the end of the year I went to the college's end year function, after the function I swung by Mary's place and she was there alone, she was busy doing the washing and I sat down and started to draw some pictures in my drawing book, I felt her behind me, but kept on drawing. Let me put it this way I am 5'10” and he is 5'5”, she is 5'4” and since I've been gyming in my free time with a friend of mine I easily outstripped him in weight and strength, so I wasn't sure he could protect her. In the final exams I got a letter from her, but when she turned around I threw it in the dustbin, I know I acted like a bit childish, but hey I didn't really think about it that way back then, I was upset and angry, mostly at myself for not taking any action, but I can at least say that Kelvin had a bit of blame as well.

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