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#162832 - FUUUUUUUUUCK [10/16/2011 7:35:37 AM] Jon: aaah yes i love ur ass so much [10/16/2011 7:35:58 AM] Jon: wish i could hear u moaning, beggin for big cock [10/16/2011 7:36:09 AM] kevin6666: i'd love to moan for you sir [10/16/2011 7:36:44 AM] *** Call to kevin6666 *** [10/16/2011 7:36:48 AM] kevin6666: hi sir [10/16/2011 7:36:56 AM] kevin6666: fuck thats hot dick sir [10/16/2011 7:37:19 AM] kevin6666: oh my god, you'd make me scream so loud [10/16/2011 7:37:36 AM] kevin6666: would you fuck my face too sir? [10/16/2011 7:37:40 AM] Jon: fuck yeah fucking fill ur ass up so hard [10/16/2011 7:37:49 AM] Jon: YEs bitch ur fucking wet mouth on my cock [10/16/2011 7:37:57 AM] Jon: make u slobber on my dick and gag u on it [10/16/2011 7:38:04 AM] kevin6666: hmmmm, i'd go crazy, gag hard [10/16/2011 7:38:10 AM] kevin6666: spit runnin down my chin [10/16/2011 7:38:17 AM] kevin6666: yesssssss sir [10/16/2011 7:38:32 AM] kevin6666: pleeeeease fuck my throat sir [10/16/201

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