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#400731 - His fingers start to explore between her thighs, massaging as it goes. Unsure if it’s a good idea Alice slowly slips out of her baggy top and trousers, standing in nothing but her bra and panties she selects the larger of the 2 dresses and pulls it on, ‘what do you think?’ she asks him, turning the man frowns, ‘it’s ok but doesn’t do your figure justice’, intrigued she asks what he means, stepping up to her the man, without thinking, runs his hands over her ample curves and down to her bottom, Alice jumps at his touch and he stops. Thinking he was making a nasty comment about her size Alice snaps back ‘I’m well able to find something in my size, thank you’ The man looks nonplussed, after a second he answers, puzzled ‘what’s wrong with you size?’, turning to go back to the counter he says over his shoulder ‘Anyway if there’s anything I can do to help please ask.

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