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#77693 - I had got my cock out and was gently working my foreskin backwards and forwards whilst I spoke to Maria, I kept on asking what had happened ,until she told me that first of all the guys had fucked her arse, everyone of them, they said it was her initiation into their group, then they had taken it in turns to ’spit roast’ her, I didn’t know what she meant by ‘spit roast’ so asked her. She told me not to waste time but to fuck her straight away, she said that she wanted to try some of the things the guys had done to her. I didn’t know if she meant that I was to encourage her to actually fuck different guys every day or just encourage her every day to fuck, but I said ok as long as she was certain that was what she wanted, it was, she said that I was right she did need fucking regularly, at least twice a day, she said that from now on that is what she was going to try to do for me , she should have listened to me a long time ago, now she was going to have to make up for lost time, sh

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Shino kuribayashi
They can fuck my hole anytime
She s sexy but that looks painful af
Fumina hoshino
That arch tho fuck