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#145931 - Alicia loved the fullness of Dan's pecker, and hungrily sucked it into her throat, while Donna on the other hand, slid the foreskin back and forth on Alex's cock, mesmerized by the extra fold of loose skin covering the head of his pecker! One thing both boys had in common, however, was the prodigious amount of cum that they produced, and each girl's mouth was soon filled with the salty nectar that erupted from the ball sacks of the young studs. O'Brian got home early. Finally Alicia took the bull by the horns and waded in with, Alex and I have been watching you two for quite a while now, and we are pretty sure that you're exactly like us! What do you mean, like us, asked a wary Donna O'Brian? Look, cut in Alex, we can see that you two are always together just like we are, and that you seem chummier than a normal brother and sister usually would be! So what, retorted Dan, so we like each other's company, is that a crime!?! No, Alicia re

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