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#134499 - on the coast road where lisa had intended to go for a walk a new idea struck her, there are several hedged off rolling fields on the cliffs edge with only one way in or out of each, lisa slowed down as she passed each gate, none seemed to be locked so lisa pulled over and opened the gate, drove throw, closed the gate and drove over the crest of the field and down towards the cliff edge, from here she was completly out of view from the anyone. lisa and samantha continued to kiss each other and fondle each others tits, sky walked over to where her toys were, samantha, your pussy looks like it could use a rest for a moment so put this on. what are your plans today mom? not much im going to see some friends and go for a walk later, what about you im meetng jen in town we are getting some new underwear from anne summers, i may get myself a new toy too! said kim with a joking tone.

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